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Kamana Khadka’s Bio

Kamana Khadka is the Founder of Hamro America LLC. Since 2012, Kamana has provided state of the art training, consulting, and facilitation on Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Sensitivity in health and human services including variety of training topics related to Healthcare Interpretation.

Kamana’s experiences as a U.S. immigrant from Nepal, who migrated to the United States in her teenage years, have consistently led her to work that embraces diversity and fosters inclusion and equity. After launching her business in 2012, Kamana has trained over 3,500 professionals on cultural competency and language access. As a trainer of Diversity, Inclusion, & Cultural Innovations in Health Care and Human Services and Nationally Certified Interpreter (Nepali<>English), Kamana is able to provide practical tools to help foster the needed understanding of not only familiar communities but also minorities and refugees. As a graduate of Development Project Management from Monterey Institute of International Studies, she has acquired skills in project management, strategic planning, program implementation and evaluation, and training of trainers, which complements her Master’s in Public Health and Bachelors in International Relations from Grand Canyon University.

Kamana works independently or in partnership with associates to provide the ideal mix of experience and skills for each client.

Her personal commitment and career goal is to contribute toward improving the quality of life in ethnically diverse communities.


Every healthcare organization provides equitable, inclusive, and individual care to ALL populations.


To empower healthcare organizations with expert knowledge so they may provide equitable, inclusive, and individual care to ALL populations.

Did You Know?

We have delivered trainings to over 3,500 healthcare and social services professionals.

Bureau of Labor Statistics 2017 data shows that the median pay for Interpreters is $47,190 per year or $22.69 per hour.

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