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Culturally competent service for all, disparities for none.


To strengthen culturally competent services in America such that people with diverse needs receive sensitive, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental access. We define diverse needs as abilities and disabilities, cultural and linguistic, social and health care.

Meet the Trainer

Ms. Kamana Khadka is the eldest daughter of Mr. Surendra Bahadur Khadka and Mrs. Manju Khadka. She was born in Kathmandu, Nepal and raised in a joint family home; always lively and filled with people. Kamana spent most of her childhood besides her Buwa (Grandfather). The bond between Kamana and her Buwa was so strong that when Kamana started school her mother had to pack two lunch boxes. Kamana and her Buwa, enjoying each other's company, was often the site people saw at the school playground.

Kamana grew up in Kathmandu, the mystic city, where she was exposed to religious art, architecture, and diverse traditions from early on. As a result of such exotic exposure she became a patient and passionate learner of diversity. In January 2005, Kamana moved (on her own) to Arizona to pursue Bachelors in International Relations. During her undergraduate years, she became close friends with International Students and Refugees from all over the world. Her Refugee friends opened their doors to her, welcomed her into their lives, and shared their stories with her; leaving the deepest impression on Kamana. Challenging barriers in adapting to the new country often made Kamana's Refugee friends vulnerable. But alongside vulnerability, Kamana saw perseverance in them. This was truly when Kamana's cultural journey began.

After graduation, Kamana traveled to Uganda where she lived with a local Ugandan family for six months in Mukono. Kamana has also traveled to Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, Congo, India, Japan, Singapore, Bangkok and a few more countries in Asia and Europe. During her career Kamana has worked with diverse communities from various social, economic, and cultural backgrounds, and most recently as a Program Director at a non-profit organization in Phoenix with a mission to improve health and wellbeing of Asians and Pacific Islanders.

In November, 2012, Kamana's cultural journey transformed from personal relationships to the establishment of a social bridge for the ever changing American Community, promising a solid learning platform as she founded "Hamro America," her dream organization. Hamro is a Nepali word, which means "Ours" in English. Kamana's vision is to create Our America, America that is reflective of today's Americans – individuals from all races, religion, and cultural backgrounds trying to make a life, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender couples with growing families, elderly with special health needs, undocumented immigrants with rights to stay healthy, non-English speaking individuals with dreams of contributing towards nation building, illiterate individuals with dreams to send their kids to school, religious people following one or thousand Gods, and representative of many more cultural backgrounds directly influencing health choices. With the changing demographics, Cultural Competency is no longer learning about people from distant lands with different cultural backgrounds. Cultural Competency is much more close to home. It is learning about your neighbor, co-worker, or your child's teacher at school.

"Cultural Competency is a needed skill and Health Disparities are absolutely unacceptable."

Kamana is a Licensed Trainer of Cultural Competency in Health Care and Human Services from The Cross Cultural Health Care Program. She is a Consultant, Facilitator, and Trainer of Cultural Competency and provides her services to health care providers and social service organizations. Kamana is a graduate of Development Project Management from Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS). Under experienced practitioners at MIIS, Kamana acquired valuable skills in Project Management, Strategic Planning, Program Implementation and Evaluation, and The Training of Trainers. Kamana is also a Graduate Student of Public Health and an active Volunteer English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor for newly arrived Refugees.

A native Nepali speaker, in her spare time Kamana likes to hang out with her Mum who now lives in Arizona with Kamana after her Father's passing away, and also enjoys writing, swimming, hiking, and Zumba.

Hamro means "Our" in Nepali language and our vision is to
create a United States inclusive of all cultural practices.


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