Inclusion, Equity & Diversity 

We have worked with small, medium, and large organizations in building their Equity, Inclusion and Diversity strategies, developing and delivering robust interactive training for senior executives, mid-level supervisors, and entry level staff, and consulting on cultural transformation strategies to name a few.

Sample training modules include, but are not limited to:

  • Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

  • Microagressions and the Way Forward

  • Impact of Personal Culture on Communications

  • Business Case for Inclusion and Diversity

  • Relevance of Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services

  • Diversity by Generation

  • Working Effectively with Healthcare Interpreters

  • Building Inclusive Systems of Care

  • The Law of Equal Employment Opportunities

  • Strategies to Advance Diversity & Inclusion

  • Inclusive Talent Management

  • Inclusive Diversity Councils

  • Emerging Trends in Equity, Inclusion & Diversity

Our Stories

“This training was very insightful and informational. I learned the impact of social determinants and how micro/macro aggressions impact patient care and health.” - Workshop Participant

“The training exceeded my expectation!!” - Workshop Participant

It made me aware that even though we are in a small town we are very diverse and we need to be empathetic and openminded of others. - Workshop Participant

“I would like to receive more trainings of this type.” - Workshop Participant

“I learned to assure the patient understand the treatment instructions prior to leaving the clinic.” - Workshop Participant

“Very interesting. Subject that nobody acknowledged, until presented.” - Workshop Participant

“Today's training was very mind-opening. It was great and informative!” - Workshop Participant

“A lot of information but one thing I will always remember DO NOT ASSUME.” - Workshop Participant

“I like the group activities.” - Workshop Participant

“It helped see a new perspective with patient care.” - Workshop Participant

“Something I will use now and as a nurse.” - Workshop Participant

“Informative and more aware of cultural differences in dealing with multicultural patient population.” - Workshop Participant


Inclusion First...