Foundational Skill For Every Healthcare Interpreter

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Welcome to the 40-hour Foundational Skill for Every Healthcare Interpreter training program.  This program strictly follows the guidelines provided by the National Standards for Healthcare Interpreter Training Programs and will satisfy the prerequisite requirement of healthcare interpreter training for:

  • The Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI)
  • The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (CMI)

Upon satisfactory completion of this 40-hour program, participants will receive a Certificate of Successful Completion.

Some of the topics covered in this 40-hour program are:

  • Healthcare interpreting as a profession
  • Different aspects of language and communication dynamics impacting interpreting
  • Ethical principles and standards of practice for healthcare interpreters.
  • Key concepts, beliefs, and common terms relevant to the U.S. healthcare system
  • Culture and its impact on health and health care
  • Professional development and path to national certification

Note: Completion of this program does NOT mean you are a certified interpreter with CCHI or CMI. You must apply to these organizations and initiate their certification processes.

Foundational Skill For Every Healthcare Interpreter

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